Windows 8 look like mac os x

How to make your PC look like a mac?

Test it out on a dummy PC.

Fully working finderbar. Each button which is highlighted blue is functional. Of course only if the matching stuff is available on your computer. Or you can only use the flying windows if you are on Vista or Windows7.

How to make Windows 8 look like Mac OS Mavericks.

Look at the first picture there is a link named Download Mac OS X Leopard Transformation Pack 1 you all are blind stupid peoples jerks your and megatron destroyed your house stupid abdul. Does this have a virus? AVG told me it did, and I was wondering if any users had problems, or it gave them something malicious.

Where to start

I am hoping it was a false positive, as this looks sweet!!! I tried the linked one on my laptop, and it crashed half way through installing.

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Rebooted and met with the blue screen of death. Though, idiotically I just left it on my desk to gather dust for a few months, trying tons to make it come back, nothing worked, I only ever got as far as a frame of the loading screen one time. A week before my warranty ran out I booted it up again in a last desperate hope and after at least an hour of on and off I got through to the pass screen. Windows 7 users have a lot of personalization options right at their hands, without having to modify system files to do so.

6 Apple Macintosh Mac OS Themes - Windows 8 & Windows 7

All right, MetroSidebar looks like an interesting concept, but it is really unnecessary, so we will chuck it away. You might as well install a Mac-like wallpaper for extra authenticity. At the bottom of the screen, you have RocketDock, a very cool dock for Windows. Right-click to delete items or add special widgets and separators. You can also change the size of icons from the default 50px to anything you like. The taskbar will be relocated to the top of the screen and made small, white and fancy, with the theme lookalike borrowed from Mac and some versions of Linux.

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You might want to consider setting the taskbar to auto-hide. Furthermore, you might also want to hide the Recycle Bin from the desktop for a clean, tidy effect. The other side of the transformation: window decorations. The whole point of having a Mac theme is to have a bunch of traffic light colored buttons and that rounded, posh feel. Indeed, if you have applied the theme patcher, you'll get that. And you will be enjoying yourself, for sure:.

How To Make Your Windows 7 Look & Behave Like Mac OS X

There are several optional things you may want to consider. This has nothing specifically to do with Mac OS X, but it may give you new ideas and inspiration for how to alter and polish your Windows theme even further. Simple, but an easy one to miss.

A Mac is like looking in the mirror. If you have a tall monitor, working with the taskbar at the top of the screen makes life a little easier on the eyes, but it's mostly down to preference.

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The OSX dock is a simple way to launch regularly used programs. Of the two, we prefer RocketDock's look and feel, and the fact that there's no charge for extra applets. Adding in background apps to Windows isn't always a good idea — they can seriously slow down your PC.

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  • Alternatively, you could install Yahoo! Widgets for a more colourful, Apple Dashboard-like experience. Heavy duty editing of the Windows look is going to require a third party app like StarDock's WindowBlinds — but it will cost you. Be warned, though, installing it will change important Windows files and there's no bug fixing development on the way.

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    windows 8 look like mac os x Windows 8 look like mac os x
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