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The Bad Lacks sophisticated photo-editing features; imports file types it doesn't support. The Bottom Line For home photographers or those with small businesses, free iPhoto performs almost every basic photo-management task.

Serious digital photo enthusiasts and photographers should look to more advanced apps, such as Adobe Photoshop. Visit manufacturer site for details. Virtually no setup No need to fret about installing iPhoto. Our installation took less than a minute, and we didn't have to restart the machine afterward. Once you've installed the program, anytime you plug your camera into the Mac, iPhoto automatically launches and prompts you to import the pictures. To import photos you've already stored on the computer, select Import from the File menu.

Deleting the files from within iPhoto fixed the problem. Organize and edit your pics If you've ever worked with Apple iTunes an MP3 player, organizer, and CD burner , you'll feel right at home in iPhoto because its interface looks strikingly similar. For example, just click the Photo Library icon to view all of your thumbnails at once or select individual photos and drop them into Albums equivalent to iTunes' Playlists. When you need to find a particular photo, you won't have any trouble.

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You can view them by Roll, by titles you create, or by preset keywords you assign. But if you'd like to edit images before you print them, you're pretty much out of luck. Although editing with iPhoto is easy, its tools do limited tasks: crop, rotate, remove red-eye, and convert to black and white.

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Quality prints and photo albums When you're ready to print your pics, iPhoto has the goods. Thanks to OS X's Quartz graphics, iPhoto matches the colors that appear on your camera, display, and printer with one another, so you don't need to worry that your prints will look different from your onscreen images.

To share your digital pics with friends and family, simply upload the pics to Apple's free online photo album service. Or, to view your photos the old-fashioned way, order prints right from iPhoto. Prices are reasonable 49 cents per 4x6-inch print , and your pics look far better than you'd get from any home inkjet printer. We also ordered iPhoto's customizable, hardbound coffee-table photo book. You can choose one of four jacket colors black, gray, navy, burgundy , six preset book layouts, and the number of photos you want on each page. For higher quality, iPhoto lets you opt to print your pics on acid-free glossy paper using a four-color offset process.

The resulting photos boast a print quality worthy of a glossy color magazine. Good quality; great value There's a reason why your photos turn out looking so professional. If you choose, you can order photos directly from Ofoto's Web site, but iPhoto's process is faster and easier to use.

In addition, the OfotoNow software, a potential iPhoto rival, isn't available for Macintosh and has a much steeper learning curve than iPhoto does. What's the upshot?

Photo Management Apps to Replace Aperture and iPhoto

To manage, store, edit, and publish digital photos, you could spend a fortune on various software packages and photo services, such as the Photoshop image editor, the FileMaker Pro database, the QPict slide-show maker, and the Photo-to-Web service. Why would it be so difficult to print out a specific sized photo? Feb 10, 4, 1. Print size I'd settle for approximate. The problem is, the software just insists on printing it to whatever size it chooses, and there's just no way to make any adjustments.

It just tries "approximate" the size of the paper. It's sort of amazing to me that after about five decades of software evolution things are still so non-intuitive. John T macrumors Mar 18, 2, 6 UK. AlaskaMoose macrumors Apr 26, 1, Alaska. AlaskaMoose said:. Do you use PSE6 at all? With PSE6 you can print photos of standard sizes 2. Best of all, you can edit the photo, and then print it.

John T said:.

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This applies to all graphic software. Jun 21, Before questioning the abilities of computer software programmers, has it ever occurred to you that you may be at fault? It is simple to crop any image to whatever size and then print it on paper to match that dimension. I often do it because not all photographs exactly fit "standard" paper sizes. As you say, the procedure is pretty logical and automatic. From memory, it goes like this:- 1 Crop the image - noting the size of the new cropped image.

Click on this and enter the dimensions of your newly cropped image. Save it - give it a name if you wish. It appears you haven't been doing this - remember, you have to "tell" the computer what size image to send to the printer! All pretty logical really - good luck! Aug 26, 2, Americas.

Photos For Mac: The Good, The Bad, and What iPhoto and Aperture Users Will Miss Most

Everything is in there to resize your photos. RickKC macrumors newbie. Nov 9, 14 0. Last edited: Mar 3, Oct 18, 2. I think printers have vastly different resolutions.

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Let's say your printer is dpi, and you want a 10 inch wide square print, you have to set up your photo into a pixel wide document, at least that's how I understand it. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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Canon easy photo print mac iphoto

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