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Let me make this clear, this is not the fun-loving, upbeat Blue Slide Park or his deranged alternate persona Delusional Thomas This is Mac. Mac Miller has found his sound.

I see it as a mix between the up-tempo pace of Delusional Thomas and the more lyrically entrancing Faces mixtape. To best describe the transition from song to song would be as spectacularly even. By this I mean the sound of the album is so distinct that one could play any two songs back to back and the mesh would be symmetry.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

Good Morning Mac Miller. Click here to see if Mac will be stopping by in your city. Kanye West is a special kind of guy. You can love him or hate him, but either way, you're always interested in what he has to say. But despite all the Twitter rants and outbursts, surprisingly there are still some things that we don't know about Yeezy.

Check out these random, wacky fact about pre-Saint Pablo Kanye. Maria Mora. Kanye met No I. Source:Getty 1 of First song I heard from him still one of my favorites. The wordplay is quite good as he tells a story of stardom at the same time, and it has a dope beat.

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Very witty overall lyrically a gifted song the best was a little to cringy and loud but when the two combined it made one hell of a song! Such a great song. You can feel the emotion he put into it. I recommend listening to his tiny desk concert performance of this song. All around dope song. No Mac song will ever rock a party as hard as this one right here. This is the song to listen to if you wanna get hyped up! It's such a good upbeat song!

No song by mac miller is quite as good as red dot music.

New Mac Miller demands refined ears | The Michigan Daily

Action Bronson is also a bonus. Forever life but never nice we expedite the process,and every night I get advice cause life is way too complex. How is this so low? Great track, production handled by the man himself. Nothing too lyrical but something you can just bump with.

Mac miller 100 GrandKids Instrumental

One of the best songs on "Blue Slide Park, " with an awesome beat and a bass a lot of artists would die for. And of course, his lyrics and delivery is solid and is one of his best songs.

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One of the first Mac Miller songs I ever heard This was the song that made me love what he does! Modern beat with amazing lyrics! Best song on Blue Slide Park, Mac sounds energetic, killer flow and rhyming. You actually need to listen to the lyrics of this song, Its deep, definitely one of my favorites. This song should be 1!

The lyrics are deep and has a trippy sound to it. Probably one of the best songs ever! It's so great and there's a great vibe to it! You should update this site. Come on we all know his new album has better songs. This is my favorite song from mac and yea some other songs might be lyrically better but there is something magical about this song mac was made to make this type of song and its beautiful to hear. His best song of all time.

How is this not higher? The music video is great too1. A very underrated song It was the first song and second track off Macadelic and it was amazing!

Mac Miller

The fact that this song gave me goose bumps throughout the song and the beat was so different and it fit Mac's flow. This song will always be my favorite off the album and possibly my favorite Mac Miller song ever! Mac has the best flow and the rhymes to match. Absolutely one of his best songs.

Mac Miller Dropped The Video For ‘100 Grandkids’

Deepest lyrics while still containing a great flow. Gives me shivers. I had never heard of this song until I saw someone comment on here about this track. This is the best song out there for Mac miller some beautiful verses and its extremely powerful and homehitting. My favorite Mac song great hook, and deep lyricism, withy a catchy beat, and an old school feel with a modern twist. Not his best but it's a fantastic party song.

mac miller 100 grandkids beat Mac miller 100 grandkids beat
mac miller 100 grandkids beat Mac miller 100 grandkids beat
mac miller 100 grandkids beat Mac miller 100 grandkids beat
mac miller 100 grandkids beat Mac miller 100 grandkids beat
mac miller 100 grandkids beat Mac miller 100 grandkids beat

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