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Formatting the USB Drive Properly

After that just a screen with multiple black and white stripes. I can't get it to work at all. Why won't it work? Hello Justin! Are you interested in logs, I could copy them. Which files specifically would interest you or seven bits? Thanks for your work! Wouldn't have dreamt it was such a hassle to get a linux up and running. I'm just some guy who wrote about this, and am not behind the software in any way — I don't think logs will help me very much. You could let the developer know what's up, but if you're getting that far into the process I'm fairly certain the problem is with Ubuntu itself.

Your hardware isn't yet supported by the OS, would be my guess. It's astounding how complex getting Linux onto a Mac is. It never used to be this bad, but drivers were always an issue with brand new ones. Andi and anyone else: please contact through my site at SevenBits. I think the author of this post should put that URL in his post to direct people my way. Great read and program! Now i just need to find a program that lets you load and save from a usb stick. I followed the instructions and am trying to use the USB loader but when I try to create the live USB for whatever reason the software does not recognize or see the usb drive.

It only sees my SD card, which I do not want to use. I am using a SanDisk and I followed the formatting instructions you provided. Any ideas? Does this work for Intel-based macs. Does it not need to be GPT partition? This does work for intel-based Macs, though some readers are reporting problems with Mavericks. Haven't gotten around to testing that yet. Report back. Doesn't seem to be working on Mavericks- app runs, but it can't see my USB stick and therefore can't do its thing. Running no problem, just one question whats the password for supperuser in terminal?

What it so i can run android studio. Oh and great articale. There is no superuser in Ubuntu, just the main user. You can type "sudo -i" in the terminal for a similar function, however. Thanks, as you can tell I'm more at home with android. Next question is bit more of a difficult one, how do I make it persistent from USB? Ya thought it be a bit of pain alright, trying to make it for the brother. Only starting messing with linux last week and have puppy running from usb like a charm and got mint running alongside my win7 without having to format the harddridve, then i hit the wall that is Apple.

Thanks for you help, keep me up to date. JK read the first comment; step one is a must if your USB has been windows-formatted in the past. Don't skip it; spay and neuter that USB drive.

Introduction/Running Backtrack 4 R2 Live CD

Yeah, skipping that step can cause exactly the problem you had, and pet neutering is important if we want to maintain a balanced ecosystem free of stray cats and dogs. If you got the -mac edition? I have a iMac with a dvd , and booted Ubuntu to it, but I never noticed the -Mac in the name B03 SMC Version system : 1. Followed the excellent instructions provided by Justin, "exactly".

After repeated try's only got past the dreaded "fasten you seat belts" once, the first time all subsequent attempts froze at the the "fasten seat belts phase". Thus given my system, is it the recommendation to acquire a "PC" and install Ubuntu that 'just works? I'm not sure what could be causing the hangup in your case. Have you verified that an actual CD will boot? I know it sucks, but it might help us know if this is an Ubuntu problem or a USB-boot problem Is there a way to get notifications, or subscribe to this article?

One more note. I'm just a guy who enjoys writing about technology, I'm sure if you gave it a shot you could figure out how to do this just as quickly as me. You can boot Linux from a second drive on your Mac, sure, and also from a partition on your primary Mac drive. I installed to a partition, myself.

I'm afraid that persistence really hasn't been messed around too much on Linux when booting in UEFI mode. The steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3 - assuming you don't have extra needs, of course. Great read. What are my options to boot into a persistent Linux on a 13" MBP? I'm thinking internal optibay, external TB, FW, Your suggestions for working and proven setups highly appreciated. I've yet to get a persistent install to work on an external drive, and I've tried.

So I'm afraid I can't help right now, but expect an article on this site as soon as I get it working. I could not go past step 1 because what I see on my screen doesn't match the screen here in this tutorial. See the screen in step 1 that has buttons for "First Aid", "Erase" and "Partition"?

My buttons differ; I don't have "Partition". Please help as I'm about to return my MacBookPro. Oh, it's running Mountain Lion. You need to click the drive you want to partition before those buttons will come up, if I'm understanding correctly. Very nice GUI app In few steps can be dual bootable and installable this way : Resize your mac partition and leave free space for linux using diskutils select your hardrive in diskutils and click on partiton and resize with the mouse.

I see this thread is 17 months old, but the above procedure posted by maxou worked for my old Pro 1,1 a few weeks ago. I had to download a package called "macfancltd" to get my cpu fans up to speed. Linux out of th box Mint doesn't govern fan speed, and overheating can become an issue.

This general statement seems not correct. I've just copied using dd a converted ubuntu So weird — I tested mine several times and even looked this up. Perhaps it's just with newer Macs? Or perhaps I messed up? Maybe someone else knows something. I just tried booting Ubuntu above version on Macmini6,1 Late from SD card slot and it doesn't work.

This actually did work! Much to my surprise after spending hours on gamer apps that didn't. BUT now for stupid questions I tested it with a 1GB thumb drive which was recognized with no problem. Perhaps the program cannot handle a large external HD? Any guidance? No idea why a large drive wouldn't boot. Did you reformat the drive? Flash drives are probably a better idea in any case This is great! Very very cool, and exactly what I needed to find after 4 or 5 hours of trawling the internet and formatting my USB umpteen zillion times for various ways to get around the efi problem.

Nice easy, logically laid out, I like it! The catch for me is that I'm running Sorry, there's no mailing list. I am considering a solution for you guys running older OS X releases, as I have received numerous requests about this. However, a full port is unlikely to occur unless a generous Internet user wants to oblige. Hi Justin, Thanks for the article. I was trying to create usb for Kali-Linux. I cannot get this to work.

I beleave i have correctly follwed the instructions, but the computer just does not see the USB stick as a start up disk, I am trying to boot a 64 bit Intel Core 2 duo Mac Mini. That's too bad. Is your drive connected directly, or through a USB hub of some sort? Just ideas, assuming you've read most everything above I have been playing around with linux live usb on a mac for a while, with little joy.

So far I have tried Ubuntu and Mint.

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Main issue I have so far is that they only work with ethernet and not the wireless connection. Thanks for the tutorial Justin! It was very clear. And thanks to SevenBits for the code. I am going to have a look now at their github page and follow this app's progress. WiFi is always an issue when running Linux on Apple hardware. You'll need to install non-free drivers to get it working hint: the wireless cards are largely Broadcom devices.

Was this a typo or is there supposed to be three files? The only thing I can think of is that that drive is massive, but I don't think it should make a difference. What version of OS X are you using? Could be your Mac is old enough that our software isn't necessary, and software like UNetBootin will do the job. Mac Just thought this would be the easiest way to do it. Everything seems to install fine on the thumb drive, I even tried the "blessed" version of the USB loader, but the Macbook Pro just won't boot from it Well, you could always ask the developer — he commented above. So I followed the instructions very carefully but after I selected my USB it showed up with the black screen in the tutorial only after that, it said it couldn't find my boot.

Which version of Linux are you trying to boot? I was only able to get this working with the Mac version of Ubuntu, which the app provides automatically Thank you for such a quick response. I am using the one provided by the Ubuntu website because I was unaware that there was a mac-specific version offered by this program. If you don't mind me asking, how does this version differ from the one offered by the official website?

From what I understand the difference is superficial, but the Ubuntu team needed to make a minor change or Macs would not boot. I believe all reference to the bios is removed So I have gotten everything to work fine Same thing happened to me. For me, the fix was to ensure the drive was properly formatted, and that the ISO was Mac-compatible. Did you check those things? Thanks very much for this software.

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Works great and very easy to setup. One question though: Is there capability to create a persistent live usb linux boot? Which gives the ability to retain any settings or app installs. This software doesn't currently offer that, nor have I found a simple way to make such a drive. Sorry about that. Just found that you had posted this… thanks a lot for reviewing my tool and your kind words, and your in-depth instructions and explanations are great.

I'm really happy that this has helped you! I think I'll link this in the wiki - you wrote a better article than I could have… :. Thanks for making the software! I spent a long time figuring out how to do this, and your tool works consistently — and is a lot easier to explain than alternate methods. You made writing this article much, much easier! Is there a way to do both? Sadly I don't know of a process that will work on both Macs and PCs, but if you want a PC disk there are easy enough tools for the job. I recommened UNetBootin. Found out what it was! It seemed that I had a windows partitioned usb drive, and thought it would be okay and dandy to use it, however, Mac didn't like that partition , so creating a new one once again with the steps above, worked awesome.

Ubuntu booted fine! Awesome eh! Thanks for the quick reply! You guys rock! Unfortunately I can't seem to get this to work. Followed the steps to the letter and it just hangs on the black "fasten your seat belts" screen. Weird, it worked all the way to.. Thought i'd leave a comment for anyone else trying. Maybe it will work for them , but bummer!

Oh man, that's too bad. What Linux version were you trying? And what's the model? Just for everyone else's sake Exactly the same with me. I'm running os x I tried the Linux Mint Will now try the ubuntu for Mac. Right so the ubuntu did the same. I was using an 8GB stick so tried with a 1GB one and different errors:. With ubuntu it would actually launch into the OS, but the display is all wrong - i could just about make out the 'ubuntu' with the dots counting up to launch. But once it launched it was all scrambled. Could only make out loads of pixels moving around when I moved the mouse, but couldn't do anything useful.

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Will this work on both Windows and Mac or would you need separate ones? Is it possible to make live USB that can run on Mac and windows computers? What model of Mac are you trying to boot on? I can't select WiFi. Please help. So far as I'm aware, what you're asking for isn't possible. You're stuck with that screen. Hello, is it possible to install Linux on a usb with more than 4GB of persistence? I don't know much about persistence to be honest, sorry. Good point, though are there many or any? It's good to know, thanks for pointing it out! Mac OS isn't bad, it just stops you from doing some things at times.

Please help charles. Hey Nathan, which distro were you trying to set up? According to the project's wiki, there have been problems with Kali. OK solved: just had to take another USB stick. Glad you figured it out! Let me know if you have any other issues. Thank You so much! Try reformatting the drive? I'm not sure. For some reason, it didn't quite work for Mint Gonna try it with Ubuntu now.

Can u use this for Kali linux? Thanks a lot! Everything worked up until it got stuck booting the kernels. Any idea on how to fix this? For actual hacking, you will want a physical machines. Sends me to a site called mediacribe that wants my credit card info!? Because we are only licensed to distribute our content to certain countries, we ask that you verify your mailing address by providing us with a valid credit card number.

No charges will appear on your credit card statement unless you upgrade to a Premium Membership or make a purchase. Alright, so I have the. If I right click the file the first option is to 'Burn Disc Image,' but obviously it doesn't find a Burner Any help would be awesome. You could just install as a virtual machine. First off thank you for sparkin my curiosity in the hacker world. Now I have tried to follow your instructions for installing bt5 and i cant get it to even down load..

Do you have any any suggestions? If I read you correctly, when you attempt to download BT5, it says it will take 3hrs? BT5 is a very large file about 3gigs so be patient and let it download. It will take a awhile. Thank you for the quick response. Its awesome you manage your post so efficiently. Well got my DVD drive back online. Just wanted to get back with you as you were kind enough to respond in a time. Will keep you updated. Thank you once again. You are in the right place, if you are new hacking. If you are new Linux as well, go through my Linux tutorials.

Then look at my getting started with BackTrack. Finally, join Null Byte and follow me. I am always posting new tutorials. Ok I am back and needing further guidance. Dl from the link provoded on this page, burnt a image file to dvd. Tried to boot from dvd and will not let me even changed the boot sequence. Leaving dvd in and restarting just gets windows o. When I make dvd only bootable drive it says no bootable o. Any suggestions? Yes, I did burn the uncompressed file. I deleted the one that I compressed.

Unless the link provided gives a compressed file?? I burned it using roxio. Also when I open the file to explore Under isolinux, boot security catalog when I click onto it, it says " This file is invalid for use as the following : Security Catalog. Hey i got a little issue, trying to start learning all or some of the HowTo Here and i encountered a little error when i boot the BackTrack CD i get an "Invalid or Corrupt Kernel image" I get to the backtrack screen and clicking any of the options there Says that error, Any ideas?

Either download another check the MD5 hash or try burning another disk. I would first try burning another disk to make certain that the disk isn't bad or the wrong medium type. Did you extract the file first? If you did, it won't burn. You need to leave it in an iso image to burn it. The fact you downloaded as a torrent shouldn't matter but I might have been corrupted. Did you check the MD5? Remember that BackTrack is not an application but an operating system.

As such, you need to install it to a virtual machine on your Windows 8 or as a separate dual boot operating system.

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As you and many others have urged me to get backtrack, I made a bootable live usb stick using Unetbootin. Now the problem is that I don't know how to boot backtrack from the usb, Like upon rebooting the system,How to use the usb drive? Also, I already have Windows 7 and linux on the same computer already, will that make a difference in using backtrack from the usb?

I'm sure that a dual boot system or a VM is way better but won't the fact that i already have two OS's on the computer make a difference? I am a newb noob and I don't even know how to install BT properly. It will then step you through the install procedure. Ok i booted BT from the usb stick and chose default mode. A terminal popped and then gave me an error saying 'can not mount'.

Way faster and no problems with scratches on the cd's or something. I've got a question with setting up BackTrack. I've got plenty of general computing knowledge, but I've never done anything serious with hacking before. I managed to set it up in VMware Player easily enough By the way, is there a problem with VMware Player, why don't you mention it as an option for a virtual machine? What I'm having trouble with is installing it as a dual boot system on my computer. When I try running startx it just goes to a black screen, I've left it there for about 10 minutes before stopping it.

I know someone else had a problem with this in the comments but they didn't really explain how it got fixed. Do you have any suggestions? When you downloaded BT, the MD5 is listed just below the download. Simply compare that value to the value of the BT on your machine.

I used to be able to go to the screen that have Install Backtrack on top left corner but today I can not. The screen in stuck at this page:. I failed to install through the process even though Backtrack helped me partitioning the hard drive. It had some weird message that I don't understand. I used normal Backtrack 5 instead of R3 like you said. I will give R3 another try.

Anyway, this is what I have now:. Having issue running the disk, not sure if the file im downloading is corrupted. I have a couple of questions if someone could answer to find out what im doing wrong i am running windows 8. I understand this is an incomplete overview but i can provide a detailed summary for anyone willing to address this, thank you. Third, generally, once you have accessed the BIOS, you can choose boot options. You can use Kali, but it still has a few bugs, that's why I'm not using it yet.

I installed bactrack and when it was going to reboot it too long and the computer discharged nos when i want to win7 it just tales me to the the boot screen again. Solved: Ran system recovery, which led me to a boot up with black screen, went into safe mode, uninstalled my display adapter rebooted. I was able to start normally, but the resolution was off, rebooted again, and problem solved.

I have a windows 8 on my machine on a system that is UEFI based. The machine is 64 bit architecture and i loaded the appropriate iso for bt 5r3 on the usb. My dell which has a normal old-school bootup worked fine and recognised the usb and BT. I went into advanced settings and changed the boot sequence. You should be able to install BackTrack as normal from there, but if you reboot and you go straight to Windows 8, then you want to boot from your Live USB again and run Boot-Repair.

I went in and changed the BIOS bootup from efi to legacy and was all good from there. I was able to install BT overwriting the win 8 i had on completely. No loss there i have been thinking of going back to win 7 ult for the double boot. The point is once i logged in to the kde interface, the system said kubuntu The consensus of the research so far is that 1. We use diskmgmt. You can work with a VM and in many ways that is preferable except that you will need an external wireless card.

If you really want to learn to hack wireless, you will need an external wireless card anyways. I have a wireless network card Click on it and should see Removable Devices. Your wireless card should appear there. Click on the connect tab. It should now be connected to your virtual machine. You should check to see whether it is aircrack-ng compatible.

Many cards are not or have limited compatibility. I went on a disk so two questions One. Which type of disc should burn it I have Windows 7 so I have been burning software to burn BackTrack good. I feel like this is a stupid question, but maybe that's because I'm not sure if I'm asking it right. And if I do that, would it fuck up my Windows? Now I understand the issue you raised in the aircrack-ng tutorial. You are trying to aircrack-ng with an old Linux kernel. Yes, you need to install BackTrack. Install BackTrack on a separate partition and then delete the partition with Kubuntu, if you no longer want or need it.

It will not harm your Windows. BackTrack is a Linux distribution with hacking tools built in. When you install it you will have Linux. When the system is booting, hit F2 or F8 depends on system manufacturer. It will take you to a BIOS screen where you can select the bootup sequence. It will boot off the DVD and then it will walk you through installation. It is set to boot from your hard drive that is why it doesn't work. Look down below where it says "Change Values".

Go there and change values and then Save. I'm sorry. Do you have the manual for your system? Each computer is different in this regard. If you do, look up how to change the boot sequence. I finally managed to get BT onto a disk and boot from it but when I try to install it won't partition my HDD automatically and makes me do it manually.

I am not sure how to do this so any help would be appreciated. I finally managed to get BT onto a disk and it boots from it I'm sure you'll agree it's about time.

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Any way, when I click to install it, it asked me whether I want to partition my HDD automatically or whether I want to do it manually. Naturally I chose automatically but there was an error and now it is only giving me the option to do it manually. Can you guide me through partitioning my HDD manually? Thanks I apologise for the double comment. The first didn't appear for me so I thought it hadn't sent. My problem is that it won't let me add a partition as the previous partition takes up the entire HDD I think.

This is what the table looks like. When I click that it just takes me to that screen. After been told by my step dad he helped me build my computer because it was my first time building it that my HDD was about GB to GB it turns out it's only GB. That shouldn't be a problem but my computer is telling me that Windows is using all of it which it shouldn't be. Is there any safe way to reduce the amount that it's using? Is there any safe way for me to reduce the amount that is been taken up?

Argh, it keeps telling me my comments aren't been sent. It's telling me that in the program I'm using. When I have a look at the properties of the local disk however it shows this The program I am using says that there is non free. Are there any programs that you would recommend? I'm pretty much a novice with all of this. I'm using 'partition wizard home edition'. I'm guessing I can just do this without using a program? Ahh, so I've finally managed to get it installed and running. Thank you for your extended help and impeccable patience.

I wouldn't have been able to get this far without your help.

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Thank you. I have one more request if you wouldn't mind though. Can you possibly point me in the direction of the next tutorial for me to take? Will I be able to preform all of the things you show in your tutorials from the disk with the BT image on? My step dad has told me to get rid of Linux on my PC because it is apparently messing with my Windows partition which he did warn me it could do.

OR would it be better for me to buy a portable hard drive and install it on there? Okay, thanks. He's still adamant that it's Linux that has screwed up my sound drivers so is it possible to install BT on an external hard drive? Apparently due to BackTrack 5 being outdated, they have discontinued downloads of it from their website. How much different would Kali be for following your guides here? I'm sure it's at least a little different, but is it doable for the average person or should I try to find somewhere else to get BT5?

Feel free to download and use Kali. There are some differences, but you should be able to manage it. If you really want BackTrack, you can download it from many torrent sites. Yea, I'm sure I can find it somewhere but I was just wondering if the differences were manageable before I make my choice. Thanks so much for the quick response and all the free information you put up here!

I decided to install Kali linux as dual boot to my win 8 pc. I want to install kali in the partition i created. Earlier i did not choose any swap space. I want to install kali linux on the Should i redownload the kali iso file. Thanak you Pranav. Otherwise, use 32 bit. Your ram is irrelevant. Is it a good idea to install Kali instead or try getting a 64 bit BT 5R3 iso I am assuming this is more stable than the latest release? Sir But won't it delete all other drives if i choose to create a new partition table? I tried the create new empty partition table but it shows whole hard disk as unallocated and asks me to create new partitions?

I'm going to rebuild my network in the next couple of days anyway so if you hold fire for 48 hours tops I'll have a more solid answer. Earlier When I tried to install kali then i could see all the partitions , it is only after the installation failed and i was left with the black grub rescue screen. Actually i hadn't selected the swap space earlier , so kali wasn't installed and i put the bootable flag on kali partition in which there were no files. I tried to install from both inside the live mode and through graphical install doesn't effect much although it said something like "Kernel didn't match".

I was trying to install with I changed it to logical and everything worked fine. But why does it happen , i had heard we can have 4 primary partitions but i had only 3 including the Thank you Pranav. It's really frustrating. What happen is the first time I tried with mini 64bit Kali, it let me configure when I reboot the PC. However, there are a lot of config choices that I am not familiar with so I skip it and keep starting with win7. Therefore I download the 64 bit regular version 2. Is this correct?

How to Run Kali Linux From a Bootable USB Drive

Please teach me where to start learning from this point. I will try to boot this using VM later. I do NOT click on links sent to me. Please post your screenshot here and I'll see if i can help you. By the way, why not create a dual boot system or simply a VM vs.

A USB is very limited running a in Live mode. I fixed posts above and turned links into images. Now my "Computer" doesn't recognize the USB anymore. It does not show up. I would like to create dual boot system but I don't have any external hard drive to back up all the documents. If I mess things up myself. I'm screwed. I cannot download the Backtrack or maybe I cannot found it. We have switched over to using Kali now.

Its the latest version of BackTrack. Download it at www. BackTrack is no longer supported, so we have converted to Kali. Please see this tutorial on getting started with Kali. BackTrack and now, Kali, is an operating system, not an application. You can install it with your Win 7 as a dual boot or in a virtual machine on Win 7.

Hello sir, i was searching the web when i found this website. I am running BT5 R3 on a 15" mac and I have had no luck in turning the default resolution into the proper resolution for my computer. First or all I want to special thanks to the administration of null-byte. This is a leading site for security students. Secondly that I am fail to finding bt5 for downloading from whole Internet.

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Where can I find it again? Thirdly that I am new in security learning what should my first step?? I am a web developer and my aim just secure the login and passwords of servers. I have a question. I wanted to install Kali dualboot but my alienware laptop doesn't allow me to boot up from a disk so this option is not a good one.

However, can someone tell me the benefits to doing it this way and the downfalls. I dont know if its actually worth it and plus I am gonna be new to Kali and hacking. Hello, Give this a look. I am new, from where do I start? Kindly help me, what is Back Track? Sorry for stupid question.. This is a hacking platform. It has many hacking tools built in.

Just about any hack you can imagine is possible with Kali. I suggest that you install Kali Linux which has Metasploit built in. As you security testing, there are numerous guides here on Null Byte on how to test systems. Welcome back, my hacker novitiates! Sign Up. Backtrack 5 has been "scrapped". People should migrate to Kali 1. Thanks Sky! Most are still using BackTrack, but I'll be doing some tutorials on Kali soon.

I'm new to this hacking. What does it actually let me do? Hi Christopher: If everything goes right, you can take control of another person's computer. James: Are you asking how to delete files? John: The answer to whether you can change information on a website is "Yes! Alright sir can you help me with it. Thank you very much. James: Yes. You can remove all the hacks so that it appears unchanged to the owner. Ok, thanks, but how would you go about doing this? James: Please see my article on how to cover your tracks. Ah, my bad, I read it wrong Thanks. Ron: Thanks for your kind words.

I'm glad you are back on Wondowhowto! Jackson: Type "startx" at the command prompt and the GUI will start. When I type startx in the "default" mode it just goes to a blank screen. Please advise? Jackson: I believe one of the choices is "Graphical mode". Choose that selection. So confused, thank you for your continued responses and support. Jackson: I don't know if the unetbootin is the problem, but I just did an installation without issue. Jackson: It sounds like you are doing everything right. Alex: Very timely question!

Thank you! Do you know how to install backtrack5r3 on Mac OS X The installation process is the same on all operating systems. Cant wait for my new computer so i can install this i've almost mastered python and know batch and xhtml batch to me now is script kiddie virus creater i cant wait to use backtrack. You could use a virtual machine instead of a dualboot.

Anonymous: You can install it as a dual boot or into a virtual machine. Nitish: I need more information. Did you log in as "root"? Nitish: I still need more information. Did you login as root? You need to login before you type startx. Nitish: Thanks for this info. Let me know how that goes. I'm puzzled. You typed in the username and password without the quotation marks, right? Please help me out!!!

Nitish: I just did a new install to make certain I was giving you the proper advice. Is this how you did it? Nitish: The passwd command is for setting the password, not logging in. Hey man, I got a question I install backtrack before reading this tutorial from a video a watch from friend.

Angel: No, you are just fine installing it the way you did. Thanks man btw love all your tutorials. Please stay in touch. Charles: In a dual-boot system like I describe here, it is essentially a separate partition. Charles: When you create a DVD and attempt to install, it will ask you about a partition. Charles: Boot your computer from the DVD.

Install Backtrack 5 rc3 on virtualbox

Awesome, thanks. Looking forward to your part 2 on wifi. It should be out in the next couple of days. Charles: Did you try booting it again? Sounds like GRUB might not have been installed. I have rebooted twice. No change. Charles: Sorry you have such problems with this. Has the partition been created? Yes, the partition has been created. Right click on computer, select manage, then storage.

Charles: Sounds like things got gummed up. Ok, repeat procedure from dvd? Thanks for putting up with me. I see the problem. I created the partition on external drive. Glad you found the problem! Yes, that is good idea. Actually, it is not necessary, but a good idea. Get BackTrack up and running and let's get hacking! Backtrack is at last up and running. Thanks for your help! You are very welcome. Now get to work hacking! Are you asking how to connect to a wireless AP?

Charles: I would keep trying to reboot it and only if that fails, re-install BackTrack. Duraj: Backtrack will work on virtually any system. Matthew: BackTrack requires 3GB of hard drive space. Matthew: For training purposes, a VM is just great. NO WAY! All they would need is to verify my IP address on their end.

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backtrack 5 live cd mac Backtrack 5 live cd mac
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