Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini

It works as you described. I agree, too bad it's not persistent, that would be the absolute best. Yes, Windows key maps to command key in terms of functionality. I don't recall doing anything special to make that happen.

Trackpads are easy

ClarkGoble wrote: I guess I didn't have to. Got my computer and the K yesterday, and I'm trying it out. Alt behaves like Option, and the Windows key behaves like Command, no customizing required. You're right, looks like it does by default. I bought a Logitech diNovo Edge several years back and my complaints are identical to the K complaints above: I really wish I'd wised up and bought this when I had the chance: While the overall feel of the keyboard portion and the build quality is good, the trackpad does not work that well on Mac OS.

The touch pad has the "tap to click" functionality enabled and it is too sensitive. Since there is no Mac OS driver for this, there is no way to disable or finetune this behaviour. Hopefully Logitech will release a driver that will fix this. Best wireless keyboard with trackpad for a mac? Jago wrote:. ClarkGoble wrote:. Any BT keyboard is fine. Any non-Apple trackpad is garbage. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

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  • Best Mac Mini Keyboards: Adorable Design With Exceptionally Tactile Keys.
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Jump to: Vale of Tears Registered: You would charge them by plugging the lightning connection to the keyboard or trackpad then connecting the USB to the mini. When charged, you can either disconnect and put the cables away or leave it plugged in for a wired connection. I also suggested the magic TP sso you can use some of the gestures on your mini like you would on your IOS device..

I wondered whether this would be the case - I'm quite out of the loop when it comes to changes in connection options for peripherals. Thanks again for your info on this topic - it's been most helpful. Hi David Far as I know my Mini is as new as they come, although it's the basic model Didn't even know what a TrackPad is and have not bought one for the time being. I'm trying to start out as low cost as I'm able since my computer activity is quite limited to email and web surfing - old retired guy. The info you've provided is most helpful - Mini arrived Saturday,Apple Magic KB and mouse should be here tomorrow, so I should be able to have Mini set up by the weekend with the helpful info you and others have provided.

If you have usable vision, the mouse should work fine.

Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini

Is it necessary? As a side note, most Mac users I know or have run into prefers the trackpad over a mouse, both sighted and non sighted users. Be aware she might like it and keep it for herself.. Well, the mouse was actually purchased by my sighted wife for her own use if and when she uses my computer; it is of no use to me and I'm assuming I won't even have it connected to the computer until she's ready to give it a try.

Since I've always used Windows hardware and software, I'm comfortable accessing the computer entirely via the keyboard. I suppose a trackpad might be a future consideration but for the time being I'll content myself with learning how to use VO with KB alone. Thanks for your info and I'll tell my wife she might like using a trackpad! I don't even know whether she knows what such a thing is! Skip to main content.

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Search this site. Twitter Facebook. Thanks for your help and patience with my rookie questions! Here are a few things to know: Hello, I would suggest getting a Mac Keyboard so you can avoid mapping or remapping.

What year is your mini? HTH and good luck.

Hello, I only brought up the trackpad because you mentioned mouse on one of your post. Full size keyboard suggestions Forum Topic - May 15, - Blindcat - 35 comments. FN keys? Forum Topic - November 17, - Matt - 4 comments. Designed to offer speedy typing experience Check out on Amazon.

Satechi has long been one of my favorite Bluetooth keyboard makers. And this one seems to have got all the qualities to be your long-term prospect.


The best thing about this keyboard is that it can simultaneously connect with three devices and lets you switch between them with ease. It provides up to 80 hours of work time which is a decent number for normal usage.

The Best Cheap Mini Wireless Keyboard w/ Touchpad!

Enhanced scissor-switch keys Check out on Amazon. One biggest reason to take a close look at iClever GK03 could be the adorable ergonomic design. The combination of high-grade ABS material and metal has reinforced the structure.

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And with the well-spaced square keys, your typing continues to be smooth sailing. GK03 delivers up to 90 hours of work time after being fully charged. The wireless keyboard also comes with a mouse to enhance your productivity. Beyond design and durability, the keyboard is available in silver and rose gold colors. Plus, iClever offers an month replacement warranty on it. I like using the touchpad as it helps me go about the work efficiently.

The keyboard has the 13mm thickness which makes it one of the thinnest in the market. As for keys, they respond to press pretty well. Large touchpad Check out on Amazon.

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So, you are on the lookout for a keyboard that can accelerate your work? With the fully customizable backlit allows you type comfortably even dimly-lit environments. One more feature that makes it ideal for professional usage—the robust mAh battery. Customizable backlit Check out on Amazon. Not all the cheap keyboards can live up to the basic demand. It has a small and slim design that makes it highly portable.


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Aside from the lightweight, the keys are more comfortable to press. And with the 12 hotkeys, you can take control of volume, music with ease. Moreover, Lucloud is dustproof to retain its shine for long. Slim design Check out on Amazon. Best Keyboards for Mac Mini

wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini
wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini
wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini
wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini
wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini
wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini Wireless keyboard with touchpad for mac mini

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