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DYMO CardScan Executive 800c V9 1760686

Click on your Windows Start Button. Search for and double click on the file named Blank. Select a Two-Way Synchronization. In CardScan version 3. Place your PalmPilot in its cradle, and HotSync.

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You will begin to see the address information appear in CardScan. Once this has completed, bring up the CardScan program, and click on any one of the entries. Choose Select All from the Edit menu. Choose Delete from the Card menu. Your entries in CardScan will have been deleted. Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows to see both simultaneously. Open a CardScan file in List view. In the other application, click the contact to copy and hold the button down until the cursor changes shape. Drag the contact on to the CardScan window and release the mouse button. The new contact appears in the List and Contact List.

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If another application supports drag-and-drop, you can drag and drop text into selected fields of a CardScan contact. Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows so they are both visible. In the other application, highlight the text to drag and drop.

Press the mouse button and drag the highlighted text to the CardScan window, then release the mouse button. If the other application supports the vCard interchange format, you can drag and drop contacts from CardScan as follows: Open CardScan and the other application. Size the windows so they are both visible. Make sure your CardScan file is displayed in List view. Click a contact and press the mouse button until the cursor changes shape. Drag the contact to the other application and release the mouse button. The contact information appears in the correct fields of a new contact.

Press the Configure button in the CardScan Synchronization window. Select ACT! Click the Browse button under CardScan File. Highlight the database you would like to Synchronize with and press Open. Click the Browse button under ACT! Highlight the ACT! In the Configure Synchronization window press the OK button to save the configuration. How do you configure CardScan synchronization with Lotus Notes 4. Select Lotus Notes 4. Highlight the database you would like to Synchronize with and click Open. Click the Select button under Lotus Notes Database.

In list view, select the contacts to place in the same category. The Assign Categories dialog will appear. Select categories by clicking their checkboxes. Click OK to assign the selected categories and close the Assign Categories window. To assign categories to one contact: Display the contact in Edit or Summary view. Click the Categories tab to display all categories. Check off each category to be assigned to the contact.

For example, assign categories Business and Associate. CardScan indicates the assigned categories by displaying their names above the list. You can categorize a contact in List view, by selecting it and choosing Categories Assign. Assign the same category to multiple contacts. The scanned image is a CardScan proprietary format, which cannot be used by any other program.

CardScan uses its own proprietary database format, which cannot be accessed by any other program. Open the first file. From List View, select all records. Click Edit and select Copy.

Click File and select Open. Choose and open the file into which you wish to paste the cards you copied from the first file. From the Edit menu, select Paste. You will see the cards from the first file appear in the List View of the second file. Open the CardScan software. The Backup Wizard screen appears. Select or browse for the file to back up and click Next.

If the file has no copy on CardScan.


If the file already has a copy on CardScan. Choose the option that suits you best, follow the on-screen instructions. Choose Duplicate from the Card menu. You will see the duplicate card appear in the Edit View. Edit the information on the duplicate version of the card. Create a new CardScan file. Drag and drop or copy and paste all the cards from the current file to the new file. Close the original file and save the new file under the original name. Choose Yes when CardScan asks if you want to overwrite the original file.

All unused entries from the drop-down list no longer appear in the drop-down list. In List View, use the mouse to select more than one name from the list. Hold down the control key while clicking on individual names to simultaneously select non-consecutive items in the list. Click on the email icon or select Card Send Mail To. Your email program will launch and display a blank message addressed to each person you selected.

Use Windows Search to locate any CardScan database file stored locally or on a network share. How do I copy a business card image from CardScan and paste it to another application? Copy image from CardScan to Windows Clipboard. Open CardScan to the List View. Select the contact that contains the business card you wish to copy. Select Edit and Copy. Paste the business card image to another application. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, cc:mail 7. The Microsoft ActiveSync window opens. Click the Tools menu and choose Options. Enable the Contacts CardScan service by selecting the corresponding checkbox.

Disable all other Contacts services unchecking the corresponding checkbox. NOTE: This is necessary because you can synchronize with only one contact manager at a time. Click Settings. Click Browse to select the CardScan file for synchronization. Click on the Sync Mode tab to select when you want synchronization to take place. Click Edit Preferences. Click the Scan icon. Select your scanner in the Source list and click the Setup button. At the scanner setup dialog, click the Calibrate button. Insert the Calibration card as instructed.

DYMO CardScan v9 range is available at olysafytoz.ml

Click OK on the prompt. After the scanner has been successfully calibrated click the OK button twice. In the CardScan Synchronization window, click Configure. Under Select Application, click on the Microsoft Outlook option. Select the CardScan file you would like to synchronize with Outlook. Click Open.

Click the Select button under the Select Outlook Folder option. Highlight the contacts folder you would like to synchronize with CardScan. Click the Synchronize button to synchronize your contacts information between CardScan and Outlook. The prompt to try the Data-Exchange Wizard prompt appears.

Choose No, I want to Export, and follow the wizard's instructions to create vCards. This will give you an option to save the vCards to any directory you wish. Make sure you have your iPod plugged into the FireWire port and that it is mounted in Finder. Double click My Computer. Click the iPod icon to open it like a hard drive. Now click on the Contacts. Inside the directory were you saved all of your vCards drag and drop then into the Contacts folder of the iPod.

Contacts will sync automatically. Once contacts are synced with Mac Address Book, open iTunes. Can the SDK read documents with different types of information than is currently found on a business card? No, the SDK is designed to read business cards and you cannot modify this logic. To identify information on other kinds of documents, you have to develop your own algorithms to sort through the results. No, the CardScan SDK is designed for applications that require complete control over the scanning and recognition process and, therefore, does not provide any means to control or interact with the CardScan program.

The sample is written in Visual Basic. CardScan's accuracy on international cards is comparable to the US version. The CardScan SDK only supports the countries and languages supported by CardScan and you cannot add support for additional languages or countries on your own. This program uses the SDK to read the cards and then writes the information to the database. Your program should allow the user to verify the information in case there are any mistakes.

Yes, you can retrieve the raw text read from an image, including the top, left, bottom and right coordinates of each line. The sample programs included with the SDK demonstrate how to do this. No, the SDK cannot be adjusted to evaluate only a particular font or location. However, you can manipulate the scanned image and erase or crop out the information you want the SDK to ignore.

The latest version of CardScan version 8 supports bit installations of Outlook At this time, CardScan does not support bit installations of Outlook I recently updated to CardScan 9 and now I am unable to transfer specific contacts? In CardScan 9, the feature to transfer specific contacts has been removed and replaced with an option to synchronize all of your contacts to either Microsoft Outlook, Sage's ACT! How can CardScan help me connect my new contacts with my social network sites? CardScan 9 has included social network launch buttons that quickly allows you to search for your contacts on popular sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

After selecting a contact from your database, select the appropriate social network launch button and you will be redirected to the website using your default internet browser. You will be asked to login to your account and your selected contact will be automatically searched for on the site. How can I easily reformat the telephone numbers for my contacts in CardScan? CardScan 9 has a new feature located that will all you to reformat the telephone numbers of all your contacts at one time. Browse to Edit - Preferences and select the General button.

From the drop down menu, select which telephone format you would like to use. Select the Reformat Numbers Now button and contacts will update with changes. I mistakenly deleted several of my contacts from my database. How can I retrieve the backup database I saved? Open CardScan. Browse to File - Maintenance - Restore.

Browse to the location of your CardScan Backup file and select Open. Choose a new save name and location and save your file.


CardScan Business Card Computer Scanners | eBay

CardScan is not capable of synchronizing directly with an iPad. Browse to the CardScan menu Preferences. Select the Synchronization tab. Select Apply. In a few moments, your contacts will begin to merge together. Select the contacts you want to export. Go to File Export. Choose a location to save the exported file. Select the Save button and the exported file will now be saved in your selected location. You can select multiple contacts by holding down CTRL on your keyboard while selecting with your mouse.

Go to File - Export. The Export Wizard will open. Choose Selected Contacts Only and then Next. Select the file type you want to export vCard, CSV, etc. Copy OlTrans. Once the. Click Tools and select Forms and Choose Form. Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system. Click Browse. Highlight OlTrans and click Open. An Untitled - Contact will open. In this window, open Tools, select Forms and choose Publish Forms. A Publish Form As dialog opens. Close the Untitled - Contact and do not save changes. CardScan was not designed to read drivers licenses and we cannot predict how accurate the results would be.

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dymo cardscan 800c mac software Dymo cardscan 800c mac software
dymo cardscan 800c mac software Dymo cardscan 800c mac software
dymo cardscan 800c mac software Dymo cardscan 800c mac software
dymo cardscan 800c mac software Dymo cardscan 800c mac software
dymo cardscan 800c mac software Dymo cardscan 800c mac software

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