Hash on uk mac keyboard

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So it was there, it was recognised, but just not as especially well-used amongst the great mass of people. Along with its fellow traveller, the asterisk, hash was added in to the push-button telephone keypad, which was created at Bell Labs a historic laboratory in the US named after Alexander Graham Bell in the s.

Map a Hash Key on the Mac Keyboard · cubecolour

Pissing off Germans It was also at Bell Labs where the hash symbol was christened the octothorpe. But this quirky moniker has so many explanations, its story has almost descended into myth. I've talked to one of the guys who says he invented it, and I've talked to another guy who said he popularised it.

Where the Hash Key is on a Mac...

But this explanation has only appeared in one dictionary. The OED proffers the story that fans of native American athlete Jim Thorpe — who was stripped of his Olympic medals due to ineligibility for having done a stint in professional basketball — at Bell Labs named the symbol after him. Scunthorpe , and the criss-cross pattern of the hash sign suggesting a plot of eight fields surrounding a village.


Never quite superfluous, but also a bit of a mystery, it sat forever at the tips of our fingers, rarely being deployed. It didn't have a single kind of starring role in anything. Like blue jeans have wiped out most of the market for certain types of pants, in the same way there'll be various symbols that get wiped out, or set aside. It's beautiful!

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It's a wonderful picture of equivalence; everything is equal. And as we know, inequality has become the great problem of the last 18 months or so, and that is a visual reminder of equality. Its use as a hashtag on Twitter has brought the unassuming little pattern worldwide acclaim. It has crawled out on eight legs from numerical obscurity to a world of flashy hour media attention. However, it almost never embarked on its Twitter career.

Finding the #Hash key on Apple Mac Keyboard (press alt+3)

As in barcamp [msg]? Edited: I want to know how to get the hash key on a UK keyboard. I should point out that I have no key with a wiggly horizontal line on, which my wife has on her UK Sony keyboard. Pistol Knight. On my kb it is above the right shift next to the return key.

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    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard
    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard
    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard
    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard
    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard
    hash on uk mac keyboard Hash on uk mac keyboard

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