Mac sound output not working

How to Fix Audio and Sound Not Working on Mac

First things first: You can toggle the mute button on a Mac keyboard or use the Sound control panel to boost audio all the way up to make sure the Mac sound volume is not on mute. Sometimes the Mac is simply muted, which obviously when mute is enabled the audio output will not work and sound will not play.

If you have already ruled that out, proceed with the next simple troubleshooting steps. And yes, this applies to all Macs with all forms of speakers; internal, external, headphones, earbuds, etc:. Why does this happen? Interestingly enough, the reverse situation also can occur, where a Mac is connected to a TV and there is seemingly no audio output, at least until HDMI has been selected as the proper sound output channel. If the above trick failed to return your sound and audio to a Mac, then try the next tip, which requires a set of headphones or some other speaker system:.

The above two tips should restore audio and sound output to a Mac. Usually simply selecting appropriate audio output in the Sound settings of System Preferences in sufficient, but sometimes you may need to go further and toggle a physical connection in and out of the headphone jack.

This was first reported a while back by early adopters using beta releases of various MacOS versions, but it still seems to randomly happen even with installing the latest releases of MacOS from Mac OS X Yosemite onward with a wide variety of Macs. Occasionally, the same situation occurs randomly after installing an update to MacOS as well. Thanks to Kerry for the tip suggestion.

If you have any other methods or tricks at restoring audio that is not working on a Mac computer, share in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. Not sure if this is directly related, but this happens often when I use Voila, the screen capture app, specifically when capturing computer sound output along with the video. I keep getting a message when I do this that I have no output controls? Unable to get the audio output back! My ipadair with ios8 goes mute sometimes. It seems to have something to do with listening to audio books.

Another possibility is to hold the option key and click on the speaker icon in the top right corner: Suggest others play with either this or your suggestion to fix the problem. I have the opposite problem. My internal speakers work perfectly, but the input microphone does not work. I have a Dragon microphone input through a UBS slot, and that works with dragon. But neither the internal microphone, nor the dragon microphone, nor an external microphone give an input.

Check Your Volume and Hardware

Only the dragon microphone shows sound level varying. I have also noticed that when I plug in a headphone, then close the lid of my MacBook Pro so it goes into sleep mode, remove the headphone and open the lid again to awake my MacBook Pro, there sound is no sound. I must re-select the internal speakers from the sound configuration to make it work again. I hope Apple will pay more attention to stability and reliability over new gadgets and unwanted new software features.

Anybody know anything about this? First and most important, you must have a truly compatible Mini DisplayPort to HDMI output adapter that allows audio output not all do support sound, amazingly enough , often the super cheap ones on Amazon do not support sound so you want to spend a little more for ones that sound is specifically mentioned, MonoPrice, etc, but there are many on Amazon that do, check the comments.

Then you must have a decent HDMI cable which most are acceptable. Then it is a matter of selecting the proper output channel for sound. For those of us with audio interfaces, we can set the in AudioMidi or with the delivered software. I have iTunes in my interface, opera but not safari.

Please investigate this issue more fully. Please Contact metro specific details. It is so frustrating sometimes. And having to actually press the power button, and wait for the system to boot up when it is powered down. The girl in the Apple store told me it could do that, so I bought it. What should I do if there are no output OR input devices to select from.

Same for me: Same here. No onboard input or output devices are shown. Only way I can get audio in or out is via a usb audio dongle. One is running What exactly is the difference between audio and sound as per the title of the article? Audio meaning any audio channel is not outputting, sound meaning the actual sound noise being output.

After the update to Yosemite Problem solved. First I called Apple, they tried to reset the iMac. So they told me to bring it in. Next I opened Launchpad and saw an icoon with the Yosemite update. So I installed the update again. And guess what? Sound works again. Getting tired of this. Nothing is ever so simple, my friend. Backup your Mac, update the system software, then Reboot your Mac. This is after updating to Yosemite Anyone know how to fix this? Hi lorvens, can you fix that? I have a same problem, I read is probably is a problem with a hardware.

Then it defaults back to internal speakers again. Nay, this problem is not related to the selection of an internal or external output device. I just have ordinary computer speakers hooked up to it by the usual speaker jack. Just had my hard drive replaced by apple. Sound works from internal speakers. Mainly youtube and itunes but also soundcloud and probably other websites. On youtube sometimes i get one second of audio then nothing.

Sometimes nothing at all and sometimes it plays fine. What the hey is that all about lol. Another thngyou may want to check: If you upgraded to Yosemite, and Garage Band was previously active, but not installed under Yosemite, this can cause problems as well.

It updated to the most recent version of Yosemite, though this to me was not the cause of this problem. How can I fix this problem without having to shove a toothpick in the plug socket? This has happened to me twice now.

Get help if the internal speakers on your Mac don't make sound

No sound at all: None of the fixes work as the system preferences appear normal. What does work is this: Connect some headphones into the jack. Play a song in itunes.

How To Fix NO SOUND for MacBook Air

It will be audible. Pull out the headphones. The song is now audible through the speakers. Crazy but works for me. Had this problem ever since updating to Yosemite. I have a MBPR 15inch, 1st version. Oh my god, thank you so much! However, this did! After trying just about everything I came across a tip to apply high pressure air-duster to the port. That solved the issue! Apperantly dust might cause the sound to be routed to an optical channel, causing the hiccups.

What can I do to fix this issue? I came across this thread upon finding that my internal speakers would not show up as an option after I had used an external speaker for amplification. The Sound Preferences would keep looking for the external speakers even after they were disconnected. Using MacBook running Clearly a software bug. My mac book pro used to automatically select the audio output.

If I plugged my headphones in, they would mute the speakers and the sound would only come through the headphones. I have an apple display and when it was connected if would automatically know to play audio out of the display. Now, I have to manually select it from system preferences or for the menu bar. Can someone help me figure out if I can get it back to automatic? Hello, I have tried this but nothing is seeming to appear in my output or input box?

Maybe the internal contacts are dirty or gummed up a bit. Try a bristled toothpick from the pharmacy. They may have designed this better. Bugs are everywhere. I get this audio issue every single time I boot my iMac and have to configure settings. User error, works for everyone but you. Jokes on you Cruz! Maybe you should read the instructions to fix the audio working in your Mac. I never had this problem with OS9. Nor with The only solution is to reboot. Since I am not interested in quick fixes, but prefer a permanent fix, is the only option then switch to Microsoft 10?

What if there is no internal speakers option. Reset pram, turned off bluetooth, rebooted, no red light coming out if any ports. This fix totally worked for me! Thank you! I was getting ready to visit an authorized apple dealer to fix the problem.

How to Fix Sound Not Working on a Mac

Reinstalled latest OS update Go figure…. Even when I do this my sound still does not work whether I have earbuds or nots, can anyone help me? Called to Apple support: You can do this at the command line as well. See https: Thank God I found this article before I took it to the service center.

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Eerily, it happened just after I dropped my mac! Thanks a ton! Open to ActivityMonitor, list all process and search coreaudiod select and force quit. Problem solved: Hear a bump sound and audio is back!?

But if I let Mac shut down on its own, I have to do it again, but if I shut down manually it will be ok. Question; I have high Sierra.

Mac no sound [SOLVED] - Driver Easy

It wants to upgrade to Mojave. Hope this helps. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. If you've installed an application called "Memory Clean" or any other third-party software that is supposed to "clean" or "purge" memory automatically, remove it according to the developer's instructions and restart.

You should do that even if the software is not causing the problem, because it's useless. Other third-party software that has been reported to interfere with sound output includes "Boom" and "Samsung Kies. If an AirPlay device is selected for sound output from iTunes or from other applications via third-party software such as "Airfoil" , deselect it. Launch the application "Audio MIDI Setup" by entering the first few letters of its name in a Spotlight search and selecting it in the results it should be at the top.

Select Built-in Output from the list on the left. If the Mute boxes are checked, uncheck them. If a red light is visible in the audio-out port when sound should be playing , the internal switch is stuck in the position for digital output. You may be able to free it by inserting and removing a mini-stereo jack of the proper size. If not, the machine needs to be serviced. I nserting any kind of tool in the port may cause damage that won't be covered by the warranty. If there's no red light, the switch may still be stuck in the headphone position.

Try to free it the same way. Disconnect all wired peripherals except keyboard and mouse, if applicable. If more than one display is connected, disconnect all extra ones. Restart and test. Start up in safe mode. Don't log in; just restart as usual when the login screen appears. When you do, make sure the words "Safe Boot" do not appear in the login screen. If they do, the system is still in safe mode and sound won't work. Move the selected item to the Trash.

You may be prompted for your administrator login password. Restart the computer and empty the Trash. Recreate your settings in the Sound preference pane. In the Finder, select. You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return. Make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search.

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